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Opportunity for a DB6

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On Thursday of this week I'm going to be looking at a DB6 and possibly buying it..... It is an interesting story I saw this exact same car about 25 or so years ago while traveling around with my Dad as a boy for his job. While hosting my son's 2nd birthday party we got to talking about cars and such and this car came up. I looked up the owner nad he still has the car.... and it is still sitting outside in the same spot it was when I saw it then. I know the car is very very rough and just wanted to know what the people on this forum felt the value to be on this rough piece of history. I also know that the car has front end damage to the point that it is missing one of its fenders. (This was told to me by the owner who is a body man and had intentions of fixing it one day.) I will be able to post pictures after Thursday but I wanted to go into the situation informed in case I can strike a deal before I leave. What is the car worth in today's US market?

First off lets talk worst case senerio.... The car is a total basket case and I need to part it out... what would be a good purchase price? I would love to buy the car for 50 dollars but I know that is not realistic either.

Secondly and the option I would most want to pursue would be to restore the car. I do realize that there is a big difference between a driver and a concourse car but lets say the car is bought for the right amount and the restoration costs me less than what the car is worth.
(Purchase price ?????, $30,000 + for floors, frame, paint.... 10,000+ interior.....10,000+ engine.....5000-10000 misc)

Is there any guys that I could contact in the midwest that anyone would be able to recommend?

Any other insight would be always appreciated, Mike
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Saw the car...

The car was rough but I knew that going in. The elements have not treated the car very well to say the very least.

The Bad: Frame is rusty, even having deteriorated so far as to leave a rusted out void. The doors do not close all the way, creating an opportunity for rain and or snow to gain access to the driver’s compartment. It is right hand drive and an automatic. The front end had a pretty extensive bit of damage to it... the impact must have been pretty hard since it cracked the exhaust manifold. Interior is faded in spots and will need the full treatment to make right.

The good: It is an Aston Martin DB6
It has what looks like a complete motor which was running not too long ago... hopefully not for long since the radiator was lost in the crash. The transmission allowed the car to move around the "farm". Decent/below average wire knock off wheels. Steering wheel, gauges, hood/"bonnet", behind the doors the cars body was decent (I'm sure due to the aluminum body)... etc

I will be posting some pictures of the car soon as it sits (these are not for the weak of heart!)
I didn't know what the car was worth so we haven't struck up a deal yet... The car is not for sale but I think it would be good (If it is worth it) to get the car before any more damage happens to it. Snow will be here soon.

Somebody in this community has to have some advice for me on what the value of the car as a whole is worth and what some of the major parts are worth.

Thanks Mike
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I did but at this time the guy does not want to sell! I will continue to follow up in the months and years to come and maybe I will be able to pry it way someday.
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