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Ordering Problems with Aston Martin USA - Vantage S

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In early May I consider ordering a Vantage S. Base price is known but options are iffy in both price and availability. seems to know more than the dealer and importer Aston Martin Lagonda of North America in Irvine, California (Aston Martin USA). By the time I place the order in mid May some things such as new paint colors are out. Aston Martin USA apparently know about them because samples have been sent to showrooms. Although I’m not getting the new Cobalt Blue exterior, I like the two-color leather interior shown in the show & media test car photos. There is not a leather color match to my chosen exterior color (or so I’m lead to believe) but one of the standard leather colors is close. So I try and get the dealer to get that interior option. They can configure it with the 2nd color in the center of the seats but not the center door panels and around the back cockpit as shown in photos. Plus the cost is very overpriced. The two color interior option does not exist apparently. So just place an order in early May with a black interior with contrast stitching in a color somewhat close to exterior color. Then on June 06 I see that the long dead Aston Martin web site is up and it has a working configurator utility for the Vantage S. Well what do you know, the two-color interior option does exist, and there is a leather color to match the exterior paint color I have! It would be nice if Aston Martin USA knew about it and would let their customers order it. But NO, the dealer tries to modify the order but Aston Martin USA will not cooperate in the least. Even though they are responsible for their being ignorant of options and colors available on a production car already arriving at dealers in the USA, they will change nothing. Its configuration is locked even though the car does not come off the production line until mid August. So hoping that someone at Aston Martin in the UK might want to do the right thing I call them. Was only able to leave a recorded message on the ‘customer service’ extension. All they do is refer it back to the know nothings at Aston Martin USA. Guess no one could tear themselves away from tea break. I get the ‘order is locked, we can do nothing speech’ from them that I’ve already had relayed by the dealer. No excuse or explanation as to why they don’t know options and colors on the Vantage S, and consequently the dealer. Must not think it’s their job.

So much for PR slogans “dealers live and breathe the brand and will guide you through the process of choosing the right model and specification for you.” Or “choosing colour and trim in order to find your perfect specification.” That would take the cooperation of Aston Martin USA that is not up to the job.

If you must have an Aston for some reason, be sure you do not order a new model, new option or new color. It confuses Aston Martin Lagonda of North America and they’re not to be bothered with things like that. Plus you would not want anyone to disturb staff at Aston Martin Lagonda UK headquarters to distribute ordering information and make sure it is absorbed!
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Update -

After complaints to AM HQ in the UK, the existing order could not be changed, but I was able to re-order the car the way I wanted it. With one notable exception. I’m forced to buy the navigation option in order to re-order the car! The dealer sales manager seems to think it's a necessary item to have in case he gets stuck with the car. Why he considers this navigation is so great is unknown. Maybe he has not seen what apps you can put on a smart phone or the features on portable ones? Perhaps this archaic Volvo unit, described by as a 'poor navigation system', just looks so neat coming up out of the dash it mesmerizes him?

Oh well, at least I only have to deal with these people once in my life.
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