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Our Company Vantage...

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So we have a new project car and so we thought we would share it with you all...

Here are just some starter shots...I will do product reviews etc in a few weeks on all the components I used.

Paint To Sample
D2 Forged VS1 with P Zero Nero's
Vantage Collection V2 Rear Diffuser
Vantage Collection V1 Front Lip

Vantage Collection Custom Floor Mats
Piano Black upper door panels

H&R Springs

RSC Air Filters
RSC 200 Cell Cats
RSC Sport Exhaust

(insane amounts of power

This is just the start...much more to come...Enjoy

Let me know what you guys think....
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I've seen this car around town, it looks well done.
Great!, Like it very much. The 4.7 L Vantage is an amazing car, very strong performer in its bracket, build quality has improved a lot too from the previous model (at least according to most current reports on the car). Personally, I see little that can be done to improve the car post-factory, but seems like the minor tweaks are spot on. High performance intake/ exhaust are always welcome.
Sorry guys, There have been 8 different updates on this...I havent been on here for a while...

Here are some final shots...

Thats a link to the final write up as well as all the mods on the car. Car is now for sale at 83K firm with 15K on the clock and in mint shape. In case anyone is interested, our email is [email protected] as I am not on here often.

Thank you to those with the kind words.
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This car is a 2007 for those that asked...
Still curious the horsepower increase over stock that the engine tweaks produced here.
HP Increase

If you click on the link, the write up says hp increase was measured at 40 rwhp.
For those interested. here is another project we started...OFF topic but as car lovers some may like it

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Your roads must be like glass. I couldn't make it a mile with those low profile tires in WDC, MD or VA.
Roads are not like glass....We just super run a 25 and 30 profile.

Thanks Gary for the really nice comments....
Brilliant photos... what camera are you using?
Nikon for these shots.
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