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paint code

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Does anyone know the paint code for Speedway White? I've been all over the place looking for it, even Aston Martin themselves don't show it in any year/model. I finally obtained the window sticker for my 2015 Vantage GT and it indeed shows the color as Speedway White. Unfortunately I picked up a rock chip on the nose and need to fix that. I've read from various sites that the color was anything from a special order color (no charge for that showing on my sticker) to a rare color to a GT specific color option. I've also looked throughout my car and can't find any code in any location suggested.
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I took my car to an authorized Aston body shop yesterday and they couldn't find any listing for Speedway White either. Paint tech came out with a color spectrometer (?) and about 15 minutes later came out with a touch up bottle and it turns out that the color exactly matches what Aston now calls White Horse. Why the change of name and no information regarding this change? Baffling, but there's the answer to my question.
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