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Paint Protection Film

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As I use my car as an everyday drive I have been starting to get a number of small stone chips in the paintwork. I am currently looking at getting some Paint Protection Film put onto the bumper, bonnet, lights, mirrors and rear arches.
Just wondering if anyone else has had their car done and how are the results.
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Thought I would give you an update on the protective film. I have had the bonnet, front spoiler, lights, mirrors and rear guards done. From say 6 feet away from the car you would not even know it is there. Depending on the angle, even up closer you can't tell its there. Guaranteed not to discolour nor lose its shine. I had my dealer organise the installation so if anything goes array - its back to them.
Hopefully - no more stone chips.:p
I too drive my AMV8 everyday to the office...I had a front bumper clear bra placed as well...def. worth it!
Yes, it probably worth it; but I saw them doing it and I am just a bit worry about how they use the cutter directly on the car paint in order to cut the protective film.....

I had our AM dealership technician take care of it....they work on high end cars all the time so I'm sure they'll be fine.

Many places provide the material as a "kit" which has been pre-cut by computer. There may be an occasional seam which they will trim in place but in the main it should all be pre-cut.
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