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Parking brake, Volante 2001

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Need some advise how to make the parking brake "brake".

As it is now it is hardly noticeable when it is applied.

Thanks in advance,

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the parking brake works by pushing a pair of small brake shoes inside the brake disc against the drum part, a bit like old fashioned brakes. Remove the wheel and you will see a small hole in the drum part of the brake disc between 2 wheel studs. There may be a rubber grommet in the hole to keep dirt out so remove this with a screwdriver first.
Now turn the wheel until the hole is at the bottom (6 o'clock position). Shine a torch into the hole and you will see a wheel shaped like a gear. Using a small flat screwdriver, lever the tips of the wheel to turn it. It rests against a spring so you need to move it until it clicks into the next slot. Keep adjusting until the wheel locks up and you cannot turn it by hand. Now back off the wheel by 2 clicks. There should not be any resistance or drag.
If you cannot get adjustment like this, the brake shoe linings may be worn down. You need to remove the brake caliper and the carrier then remove the disc to examine the shoes and adjusting mechanism.

I'm doing mine tomorrow ;)
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I will have a look next day it is raining......

All the best,


....but could not make it work.
Found the spring all right but could not make it move and certainly not to "click"....any suggestions????

....but could not make it work.
Found the spring all right but could not make it move and certainly not to "click"....any suggestions????

If you found the spring that lies at the bottom when you look into the little access hole, then you should also see the wheel. It may be covered in dust. Use the screwdriver and slide it along the spring till it hits the wheel then you know where it is - it is quite thin. It has points on the ends and if you lever a screwdriver against the tip and push down against the hole it should turn. They can be stiff if not moved for a while. As the wheel turns, the point passes the spring and it sits in the next groove in the wheel.
Sometimes it is easier to remove the disc to see and understand how it works as the access hole is so limited. ;)

....I will try again....and if I fail I will leave it till winter...

If you happen to bring the car to the UK, give a shout and I'll do it for you!;)
Made it........

.....however, when the "wheel" was all the way to the end.....still no brake.

Suddenly one winter job turned up rather quickly.....

Thanks anyway.

Any idea where to buy spare parts ???

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If your brakes are the same as mine, I get mine either from a Jaguar specialist (loads on the internet but compare prices) or from local parts place. I find XJS parts circa 1990 fit the brakes and suspension. e.g front wheel bearing kit from Aston dealer almost £100, from motor parts factor £20.

I take it the little wheel you turned is going the right way and not back to the start? Might be worth jacking the car right up or on a ramp and watching the cable mechanism is operating correctly while someone pulls the handbrake lever for you as well.
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