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Parking brake

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The parking brake of my 2001 Volante does not work.

I have taken the caliper and the disc off and when I pull the lever nothing happens. The parking brake shoes does not move at all.

What to do now ????

By the way....I will change the shoes anyway....where do I buy them????

Except for AM original off course.

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I bought.....

.....AM original parking brake shoes on eBay. Paid 80 GBP incl freight.
Not too bad was it????

.....AM original parking brake shoes on eBay. Paid 80 GBP incl freight.
Not too bad was it????

Very well done!

Like all Auto cars people do not use handbrake.So
after a while it seizes up at the joints and such.You will need
to go the whole length of car and free it all off,grease on the wire
and anything else.As you are getting new you will have to wind back the
adjusters at handbrake and the one or ones at the wheels as well.
Then try to remember to pull the brake up at least once a week while
you are driving along.It does not have to be far or fast,just to clean rust
off and keep joints working.

....a dead fish????
The parking brake cable (s) could have stretched or need adjusting to compensate for the wear of the shoes.

On mine I need to operate the fly off handbrake twice to actuate the parking brake because of this(it rachets the cable tight)

Try this first before getting into changing the shoes, in my experience the shoes show zero wear unless someone has forgotton to release the handbrake and driven with it engaged.

Just realised the Op was from 2011, you must have fixed it by now! :lol:
That is why l said another dead fish Wayne.Most of these posts
you go to have been posted years ago,guess we will have to start over.

One good thing Wayne,handy bit of advice thank you.

..........years ago....LOL

The shoes were ok.....the owner Before me had forgotten the handbrake after the cab was down.....just some minor adjustments necessary.

Thanks all the same,

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