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I got one of the last DB7 V12 to come out of Bloxham in 2004 in Silver recently.
It had been owned previously by a farmer who only took it out on odd occasions, maybe once or twice a year.......criminal, but hey he's a busy man!!.

One thing I have learned about this car, and probably applies to all cars is, that they need to be used, and if you leave them standing around collecting bird crap and low tyre pressures/discs rusted up, they conjure up issues that need dealing with, which only regular use can resolve.

His battery gave up the ghost just after I bought it, as he had charged it up as best he could to sell the car and clearly it had been flat for a long time. The vehicle survey didn't pick up on the battery as it started OK on test. I always have my local Aston Martin dealers do the 140 point check as I trust the guys there.

I soon had lots of small niggly issues start to develop after a few days, all attributed to a weak battery, the Aston Martin trickle charger appeared not to work and stayed on Orange continually or showed green and the battery couldn't even turn the engine over.

It was only when I got the guys to check each cell out on the battery that I found two were bordering on dead.

A new battery fitted .........and I have a new feel to my car and its 100% reliable as it should be when I turn the key.

Over here in England our weather is far from predictable, and I understand why owners take cars out only when its dry, but I tend to at least drive it once or twice a week to keep it sweet.

The DB7 is without doubt the best of the breed, the shape, and the whole package, which makes me smile every time I open the garage.

The DB9/XK look so similar now from the front that I don't even notice them as they are so common here in the UK..........real shame. I always notice a DB7 though.

So my adage is: "Don't give the brand a hard time when things go wrong, as minor problems happen in all cars even the new Rolls Royce, use them regularly and you cut down on serious problems later"

A beautifully made hand built car, that everyone wants to own

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Just took my car out the first of has been sitting there since last October.

The "snow" lamp came on driving home one evening.....not that much snow in the beginning of May, is there ????

The next day it was off again.......

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