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performance upgrades for db9

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hello everyone, I just bought myself a db9 and love it but when I took it to work. A week later in a attempt to one up me, my vp. of operations goes out and buys a dbs. You can understand my upset when he pulled in the next week and parked next to me. So what I want to do now is 2 up him. If I wanted to I could buy a dbs, but I am too lazy to constantly mess with a stick. So I wanted to know if anyone knows that aston or some after market company does any performance upgrade to get more horses out of the astons???
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:confused: so no one knows any upgrades???
This response is probably way too late but incase you are still looking for some extra power I can help. Sport cats, Sports exhaust and an ECU re-map can give you a decent power hike and to aid your stopping power we can offer a serious brake upgrade. PM me if you still need help with this?
if you got 2008 and above 480 PHB: Sports exhaust + brake upgrade + ECU + Decrease the car weight.

I saw a Turbo Charge kit for the DB9!! it was Freaky!!

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