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Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me. I absolutely love Aston Martins and am excited to be a part of the community. unfortunately i do not own one and probably wont for quiet some time but I am looking forward to reading as much as i can and learning about them. I love the looks of the DB9 and DBS and am a very active car guy who tinkers with his cars/trucks. My current task that i want to do is to somehow incorporate the DB9 hood vents into the hood of my truck, unfortunately I do not know anyone with a DB9 and most dealers would shoot me if i came close. So i was wondering if some of you lucky owners could take some under hood pictures of the vents and maybe explain how they drain and such. The big thing i want to avoid is not doing it correctly and with pictures and descriptions I am sure i can accomplish doing it correctly. thank you so much.
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FIRST: go to You tube and check about the Aston Martin.
(ex: Top Gear, fifth gear, etc).
you will git some important information.

SECOND: go to Car sites and Compare between the Aston models.
(ex: Yahoo, MSN,

THIRD: go to Aston Martin web site and check "build your aston martin".

FOURTH: check the market sites to get an idea about the car price (ex: eBay, Cars, etc).

FIFTH: the Mem :D bers can help..!

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Sweet! Yeah I wish I could afford an Aston now but there is just no way. Every time I see one of these beauties I wish I ha the money for one and could afford the maintenance.
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