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Congrats to your uncle and I hope he enjoys his car.

First, IMO, if you love the looks of the car, then it is the right choice. All expensive modern cars drive pretty well, although there are differences, if your heart is satisfied all the other factors fall into place.

There are no bad choices, only different choices.

Specifically to the DB11, I would say the 8 cylinder is slightly more nimble but who doesn’t love the joy of a 12 cylinder. It would be a hard choice for me. I went Vantage because I am a smaller car person.

Second, I’m a bit of an options hound. I hardly ever see a box I don’t want to check. I like my bling so ordering new would give me the chance to really configure something you don’t see everyday. For me, that means a strong color, both inside and outside. Of course, your taste is your choice. I would just recommend you take your time, put in some effort and get it right for you. It’ll be expensive but in the long run, every time you sit in the car you will be glad you made the effort to spec it with care.
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