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Hello everyone,

My uncle has always wanted an Aston Martin, today was the day we went, explored the 3 models (vantage, db11 and the DBS supperleggera) and we went in with the mindset to order a DBS from factory only to find out that there are no more orders for them.

But luckily my uncle preferred the DB11 more. So we placed a deposit for a V12 DB11 hopefully for may 2022.

As for now the help I need... WE know little to nothing about Aston Martin besides the basics.

Was the V12 DB11 a good choice?

Can someone please guide us through the best must have options, as this will be a car he will keep for many years to come.

Is this the right time and good generation of DB11 to get into?

Anything we should know about the custom ordering of these new factory cars, is there any discount chance etc. SO far price is only given for the base MSRP with options TBD.

We are based in the Toronto area.

Thank you!
Curious if you achieved any discount from the MSRP when placing an order at your dealer....thanks!
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