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PPI in Western Long Island?

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Hello everyone! Am new to the Forum... just two questions (for now).

1) I've put a deposit on a DB7 in Western Long Island, NY. Can anyone recommend a shop/mechanic who can do a PPI (pre-purchase inspection)?

2) I'm in Saratoga, NY. Anyone know of a reputable shop in the area?

Many thanks in advance! Kurt
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Long Island AM Dealer - AMLI

I would start by calling Brian Noll at Aston Martin Long Island (516-478-4326). Ask him for a recommendation or if a factory mechanic could do the review (and of course the cost of such an inspection). Another alternative might be Auto Sport Designs, Inc. in Huntington LI. They appear to do complete restorations as well as do repairs. (

I have just purchased my first Aston ('06 DB9 Volante) and do not have extensive experience just now but I would start with the two suggestions above... Good Luck...
Thank You SatQuest! :) I appreciate the info!
I agree with satquest, Auto Sport Designs would be a good choice. They have a strong reputation of quality work on exotics.
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