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Please make sure if not using dealer or specialist for changing the oil that it is the correct grade (bmw do use 10w 60 fully synthetic in there new m3 etc) and the correct procedure is followed as it is not the same as other cars, and if not done correctly you will NOT get all the old oil out, you have two areas to drain, then the main oil filter to replace and two further metal filters to remove clean and refit. Also resetting the service reminder can only be done with the correct Aston Martin diagnostic equipment. Please Please Please do it properly as trying to save a bit of cash now could become a very expensive repair later.

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Oil for Aston Martin

It's a very easy process, have changed the oil two times already, spoke to my AM mechanic who looked over my procedure and said all ok!

Remove tray with 12 T-30 torx head screws and two #2 Phillip head screws.
Oil tank plug is removed, let oil drain
Remove oil filter
Remove 2 screen assembly
Drain oil from all four locations

Install new oil filter, screen assembly
install oil plug
10.5 quarts of 10w-60 Castrol TWS BMW oil
Check for leaks,
Re-intall tray
Cost of oil was about $220 Cdn.
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