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Prices of early DB7's

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Does anyone here know the going rate for early DB7's (the supercharged 6cyl.)? I would think they must be less than the V12's. Are there any special problems with the SC 6's? Is it a safe assumption that they would be easier to maintain than a V12 ("easy" being a relative term for an exotic)?


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OK, since no one is jumping in with input, let me clarify the question...

In the Ferrari world it's commonly accepted that the asking prices seen in ads are often vastly different than the prices cars are changing hands at. Does anyone know if this applies to early DB7's?

I can (and do) follow the ads in specialist publications and check the dealers and the AMOC web site for info, but often see the same cars advertised for months at a time or even a year or more. Are owners really holding out, or are the cars not moving?

TIA for your input.

That is a very good question, sorry I don't know. Now I'm curious too.
At least on this side of the pond, I have been told that the DB 7market is soft and has been for the last year. You can now get an early DB7 for aroung GBP 30-35K.

Interesting...over here it seems from ads you can get an I6 volante for the USD equivalent of those prices. V12 coupes start about $10K-$20K higher. Those are the asking prices, anyway. I don't know what prices they are actually changing hands at.
Early V12s are dipping down to around 40k, which is not far from a top class I6.Test drive them both back to back, and then buy the V12.It may have higher maintenance costs, but at least it has some grunt to go with the badge.A senior citizen in a Toyota Corolla will leave a 6cyl for dead.
I love to see the senior with the Toyota leaving me behind in my DB7 6....
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