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Prospective 2009 Vantage Owner Has Questions

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I test-drove a 2009 Vantage (automatic) last weekend and believe I want to buy one but have a number of questions and would appreciate any answers, opinions and advice you can offer.

1. The nearest dealer is almost 100 miles away. How inconvenient will that prove to be, based on likely warranty repairs, service, etc.

2. It appears that there are lots of low-mileage Vantages around, perhaps due to the recession. I'm sure I'd save a bundle but do you see anything I should be concerned about that wouldn't be covered by CarFax and an inspection? Should I avoid private party sales?

3. The local dealer volunteered to search the US dealer database to find a new gray/gray car we are looking for. But since most dealers advertise on e-Bay, etc., will I likely pay more by having my dealer get it for me vs. buying direct from an out-of-state dealer? And will my local dealer be a jerk if I've bought from an out-of-state dealer?

4. The test drive felt great...except for one thing. It felt like there was an unexpected hesitation during hard acceleration (i.e., flooring it, causing it to downshift while in automatic mode). I didn't pay attention to whether the same delay occurred when using the paddle-shifters. Is that normal? Clearly, this car is quick at 0-60 under five seconds but the hesitation bothered me.

5. Any recommendations on options, e.g., what to definitely get or not get? Living in CA, I'm certain I could live without a $230 umbrella w/ holder but I suspect that virtually all of the cars will come with lots of options I won't necessarily need.

6. This car is replacing a 1997 Jaguar XK8 that we bought new. I know we'll miss the huge trunk. Anything else about the AM Vantage that might disappoint us? I'm not trying to talk myself out of this purchase but would like to go in with both eyes open.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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I have an 07' V8V with manual tranny that I purchased new in November 2007. I'll attempt to answer as many of your questions as I can.

1. IMHO, a big problem. Not necessarily because the car is problematic (mine has not been) but just a major PITA if you need the dealer. Personally a dealbreaker for me.

2. Go for a private party sale. I've done it twice in the past without incidence. Go in with your eyes open, ask lots of questions, take the time/expense to see and drive the car before your buy it or have someone you trust do it for you.

3. IMHO the dealer adds no value if all he's going to do is search public web sites. And most all AM dealers advertise their used inventory on their own site.

4. Sorry, can't help ypu here. My car is a manual and I have not experienced the hesitation you describe.

5. Virtually all the V8V's advertised for sale come loaded. The upgraded stereo and alarm system is nice as is the bluetooth. But I would have bought the car even it if didn't have them.

6. Really no regrets. I still think it is one of the most beautiful cars on the road. I wish I had the disciplne to wait and not buy new because the value drops like a rock. Oh well, the price of impulsiveness.

Good luck with your search.

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Thanks, DaveGee...some really helpful observations! One item we didn't inspect during our test drive was the GPS system. Have you found it to be user-friendly? While looking at a 2008 Maserati, we discovered that their GPS was really outdated technology (e.g., no touchscreen).

Make no mistake, the AM GPS is crap. It is especially user-unfriendly, not intuitive, slow and not a touch-screen. But it looks cool when it pops up out of the dashboard.

Buy a Garmin.

I would go for a manual , mine is a 06 and have no problems ,the navi is kind of hard to use but once you learn is not that hard.
I recently added the AM power upgrade and I love it.
good advise from a private one ....In the UK 06 cars with say 20k miles sell for 50% of the orginal cost !! Dont worry about satnav or bluetooth ect just buy one and enjoy our exclusive club :)
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