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Hello, I'm looking to join the Aston Martin fraternity. I'm interested in a 2006 DB9, 11,500 miles, third owner. I haven't car faxed yet, but noticed the grill has 5 horizontal slats, not 7 that I had researched was the correct grille. This would indicate to me that there has been grille damage at least, since the seven slat grilles are NLA and the only replacement is a newer model 5 slat grille. Can anyone confirm or correct me on this. I look forward to becoming a new AM owner. Thank you for your time



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Andrew, honestly I wouldn't worry about the grill being 5-slat or 7. In the overall big scheme of things, that is rather negligible. I bought my 2007 DB9 in Feb 2019 and it sported the 5-slat grill as well. Personally, I like the look of the 5-slat better, it's less busy looking.

I'd be far more concerned with the service history, the overall condition of the car, and then the car having all it's accessories that it originally came with. Owners manual, umbrella, and the trickle charger, can get outright expensive in a hurry, if it's missing any one of those items.

Wonderful experience shopping for a DB9 but, keep in mind a lot of these cars are neglected maintenance wise. Just be on your toes whether you decide to buy the 2006 or a different one. Have someone well versed in DB9's to go over your prospective purchase thoroughly.

Good luck in your search!!
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Thanks so much for your reply. I really like the 5 slat grille as well, a nice upgrade and hope that's all it was. While on the topic of being thorough, a PPI was performed when the current owner bought the car a year and a half ago. I spoke with the dealership regarding the inspection, and they identified a front main seal leak on the motor. Does that seem like a major red flag? The service manager didn't deem overly concerned, but also indicated the repair is roughly 8k. I assume any oil leak should be a concern, but maybe some are common and manageable? I would have a PPI performed again, and assume the only concern would continue to be that leak.

Thank you for the reply, happy Friday!
Any engine fluid leaking is not normal, especially oil. That should never be considered something you can live with, unless the car has a chronic problem. In that case, I wouldn't consider that car for purchase.

The particular DB9 you are considering, is very low miles. While that is indeed an inducing buying point, my first reaction to why the seal is leaking is because it hasn't been driven enough. Those seals dry out, and the lifespan of them are shortened because it's not getting lubed on a regular basis.

Personally, I'd be offering a few thousand less for that car with that problem, unless the current owner wants to take care of it before selling it.

Aston Martin cars get such bad rap for reliability and such and a lot of problems could be avoided if their cars were driven a little more often. 1-2K a year and driving it once a week or a few times in a month will do wonders for keeping it out of the maintenance shop.

I see the 2006 model you are considering is a Volante. If a convertible is the only model DB9 you want, your choices expand greatly if you're conducting a nationwide search...I wanted a Coupe, which is much harder to find a particular one with the right combination. You'll have a much easier time finding one you like.

8K is a chunk of change for a repair, especially buying something that you obviously are excited and enthusiastic about. If that's something you're willing to fix yourself, then go for it.

You want your Aston Martin experience to start off on a positive note and be able to enjoy it, relatively problem free.

Best regards,

Thomas M.
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