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Proud new Aston Martin Owner Quick Question

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Do the hood vents pose any rain intrusion and or potential threat to the engine compartment,particularly when the car is parked in heavy rain. If so, is there any solution, such as a vent rain guard?

Thanks to all

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"a vent rain guard" i like it

Maybe u can park the car in the garage, the car should be ok with the rain!
Water Intrusion thru Hood Vents

Has anyone experienced any problems in heavy rain, while car is parked?
Someone says, it should not be a problem, but is it definitely not a problem?
I think should be alright, otherwise the vent shouldn't in that position ..
Mine is fine, I park mine outside all the time and with the heavy rain in the UK e have had it has had no problems. I do however always lift and dry under the bonnet after cleaning it...a weekly or sometimes twic a week occurrence as I just love making it sparkle :)
u can do cover the vent if the car is not moving using plastic or any other part but when the car is moving don't worry at all
Vents not a problem in the rain. But, you should garage you AM as much as you can. It's a work of art man..................
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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