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Racing my DB9

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I'm still a little leery as to whether Aston is any good. All of my problems have been resolved on my 05 with exception of the Fuel Gauge which continues to drop to "E" after filling up (dealer even replaced the fuel sending unit). But, I'm wondering whether any of you would/do track your cars?

I have a strong interest in running solo at Road Atlanta and I'd like to use my DB9. Am I asking for trouble? I know that there's definitely potential trouble if you track anything. But I track my 98 Ferrari with surprisingly no issues as of yet.

Let me know your thoughts. I'd like to see what it can do, but don't want to "blow it up" if it isn't capable. I see how Jaguar fails to finish Petit Le Mans each year typically due to failed engines.

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A good friend raced a DB9R for several seasons and thought it was very reliable..

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