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`Rapide and my first Aston

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Hello everyone,

Super lucky to be an Aston owner after years or Porsches and working hard I'm 34 and thought it was time. I was going to get a newer 911 but thought I would look at AML Vantages first and then DB9s. I thought I should go see a Rapide just to see. I liked the idea of 4 seats and longer proportions. WOW. Completely blown away, what a beautiful car. I went for the first version mainly because I think the front end is better but both beautiful and second gen is obvs a better driving car. I say this from a relatively subjective design point having been an architect and car designer. The Rapide has an amazing presence on the road. Largely due to its insane proportions, but wow. DB9 is timeless the Vantage is a beautiful combination of simplicity and aggressive proportion. The rapide has the curves of the vantage but the lines of the DB9. Had to buy it as soon as I saw it. Not mine but same colour/wheels:
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