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Rapide window tinting

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The Rapide’s rear windows roll all the way down as soon as you push the door handle…. Is there a way to keep that from happening? I want to tint the windows but need to be able to open the rear doors with the windows up to do so. I’m hoping there’s an easier way than removing the rear seat and using the “battery protection” switch to kill power to the whole car.

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Hey there! I totally understand your concern about the Rapide's rear windows rolling down when you push the door handle.
It can be tricky when you want to tint the windows, but you still need to be able to open the rear doors with the windows up. One solution you could consider is using this car shade for baby. That way, you can tint the windows for privacy and sun protection while still keeping the windows up and providing shade for your little one. It's a convenient and practical way to tackle the issue without having to go through the hassle of removing the rear seat or using the "battery protection" switch.
I just put crystal clear ceramic UV tints on all windows of my 2011 rapide including the front. No issues what so ever and i specifically showed the installers how the windows go down about 1” when you open the door and they had no concern about that. Been about a week since i installed the tints and everything is perfect.
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