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I am interested to hear from other owners regarding replacement tyres. I own a Vantage V8S now 3 years old. Although I am long way off replacing the tyres I like to plan ahead. I have looked at the Bridgestone Potenza replacement and the only difference I can tell is one as AM2 stamped on the tyre wall the other does not. The price difference are worlds apart. Yet the tech specs are identical in every way. The AM dealer tells me they are "special tyres" which is why they are double the price... Mmmm I'm not sold.

The rears are 285/35ZR19 (99Y) TL POTENZA RE 050 ASYMMETRIC MFS BZ
The fronts are 245/40ZR19 (94Y) TLPOTENZA RE 050 ASYMMETRIC MFS MZ

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