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As some of you know I sometime arrange special events for everyone. This time the Capitol Airshow here in Sacramento has approached me about doing a auto show along side the air show.

What they have asked is for anyone that is interested to showcase their performance car either one of both days the weekend of September 6-7. I need to fine at least 50 cars or more that wish to show up one or both days.

You can either show, Saturday or Sunday or both. I have arranged for you to be able to drive you car home if you attend Saturday as there is no covered parking on the tarmac.

What you get for you time:
- Parking on the tarmac with the planes
- Photos with select planes before / after show hours
- VIP tent with drinks
- Roped off area for the cars
- Security guards during the days of the event

If you are interested I need to know you are 100% committed to attend the show and showcase your car on which day or days.

If this sounds like something you wish to do please email at [email protected] so I can add you to the list. Please include,

First and last name
Cell Number
Car, Cars, Bikes you wish to bring. You can bring more than one.
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