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I took mine out of my 1997 Volante a few weeks ago. Hope its the same!
Firstly remove the rubber door seal from the panel.
Next pull out the bottom part of the rear seat upright - its in 2 parts - the lower part is held on velcro strips.
Under the top part of the back seat is a single cross head screw. Remove this then slide the top part of the seat upwards to remove completely.
You will see 2 more screws that go into the rear panel once the seat uprights have been removed. Undo those.
Where the seat belt goes into the panel will be a plastic protector. Loosen and lift it up.
Under the rear seat squab at the front are 2 small nuts (8mm?). Remove these and lift the seat out.
Now you should be able to gently and very carefully prise the panel from its location. The part near the door is held by plastic push studs so use a screwdriver to gently ease them out.
Once all free the panel lifts up to clear the seat belt at the top.

Well, that's how mine came out anyway. When refitting line it up then give it a good press down to locate it back in place then push the studs back into place etc etc.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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