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Hey Everyone! I have a 2009 DB9 and I am looking to breathe a little life into the exhaust. My question is has anyone done a cat and muffler delete on one of these? I like the way the muffler delete sounds, but was planning on doing a cat delete as well at some point.

I want a nice aggressive sound, but not one that's obnoxious. I want to be able to hear the engine better without sounding like a teenager if that makes sense. That is why I am wondering if anyone has deleted both. If so, how is the drone in the cab? How loud is it at cruising speeds?

Furthermore, if the cat AND muffler delete is too much, what would yall suggest? How does the cat delete sound with a stock muffler? Also, I have heard the secondary cats can get clogged after a while, so would it be better to get rid of those power/weak link wise instead of the muffler?


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