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Selling My Silver V8 Vantage Car Cover

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I traded in my V8 Vantage and am now selling my factory car cover. It is Aston part number 702270. List was $1,112.76 and I paid the silly price of $925.00. Perhaps it is actually woven from strands of silver, but I doubt it. It is fleece lined, though, to protect the paint finish. It is in very good condition with minimal dirt by the exhausts. I'm sure it can be cleaned but it will just get dirty in the same place again. It was only used inside, so there is no bird or environmental residue on it. I'll sell it to the first reasonable (forget what I paid for it) offer. I'm in Wisconsin, so I only can ship to the US.


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Car Cover

I don't really need it but I'll go $200 and pay the shipping to TN
That will work, how do we pull this off?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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