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Did anyone apart from me get bad after care ? I bought the vantage but after only a few months realised I should of pushed the boat out and got the db9 a life time dream . A great day driving out the show room I honestly thought this was to good to be true but like all cars you get hiccups so under the warranty I took it back this was not the problem it was when I had a large paint bubble on the drivers. door anyway the car went in and I was told it would be there 2/3 days tops . After a week I rang asking for an update and was told the paints wet be ready tomorrow so I rang the next day a Friday and told ring Monday no one from service was available I rang Monday told no drivers available to drop it off rang tuesday I needed new tyres so I said fine put them on will pay you when u drop the car off waited till 8 o clock on the Thursday and finally my baby was dropped off after not seeing her in a fortnight was really excited was only when my brother noticed it was filthy but worse of all the door handle problem what it went in for to begin with was exactly the same all they had done was the tyres what I had to pay for so were was the wet paint????? I refused to pay and would take it to another dealer to get the job done and pay them 4.45 the next day bailiffs knocked for payment 12 days for wet paint 19 hours for the shame of debt collectors this was the actions of wilmslow Cheshire I had my my heart set on the DBS and had one lined up and they still gave me this service
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