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Should I steer clear of 06 Vantage?

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Curious if the first year had gremlins? Any significant upgrades in 07?

Thanks, Mike
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Mine is an '06 Vantage and I must say that I am extremely happy with it. Sure it could do with a bit more power but that is not what I bought it for - I have a car with more than enough power for me to do silly things with. The '07 model did not have any significant upgrades. Similarly, the '06 did not have any known problems. I say that if the car is right and for the right money - buy it! You will be stoked.
Thanks for the reply Peter. I got two tickets in the last two months with my car, feel like I need something that doesn't encourage me to speed ;-)

Do you daily drive the Vantage? This will be a third car for us, but would probably drive it over the H2.


Yeah I do drive it every day. Such a pleasure. There are some things you would probably change if you had the power however I look at it as more a work of art. I think they are just the mosty beautiful car - so to some extent you put up with small quirks. All in all however I am really happy with it.
The main problem now though is that I have become an obsessive compulsive with regards cleaning it.
Still its something I enjoy.
If you are worried about having problems with your car you could always look at getting a warranty with the car then if anything does go wrong it won't cost you and you can get on with enjoying the car.
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Hi Folks,
I am new here too....previously owned a DB7, now looking at an 06 Vantage, black on black. It has 40,000 miles on it, but new brakes, clutch and cosmetically looks good. My concern is that there are no recent dealer service records on it. I believe it has been serviced, and I hear no funny engine noise...but do you know how I might tell for sure or what other things I might inspect? (PS - there is no longer a dealer in my town...closest is nearly 100 miles away so no quick inspection during a test drive)
What might I expect to replace in the near future with the number of miles on this car?
Thanks so much for any info you can give me.
Hello- I've put 20K miles on my '06 V8 since last December. It now has 38K on it and I think it drives better now than when I bought it. I'm doing the maintenance myself since the nearest dealer is 450 miles away. This weekend I'm doing an engine oil change, transmission oil change and brake system/fluid flush. Just got back from a 1600 mile road trip with an extended 125mph segment - awesome!! The only trouble I've had at all is recently the drivers window isn't quite doing the little up/down thing on opening. I'll pull the door open soon and check it out. I replaced the rear brake pads a couple weeks ago - easy job. I have a set of 18" wheels with Conti all-seasons and a set of 19" wheels with the factory Bridgestones. Other than a stormy day, I'll drive the car during the winter, too.
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