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I don´t wan`t to seem Rude, but I only wanted to know what Spark Plugs are used on a Standard 4,3 l - 06 A-M Vantage V8????
I got the Answer that i could get it from...... And could GOOGLE...

I appreciate Someone Who knows the Specifik Manufacturer ( NGK??) And the exact
Details with Art. Nr....

As the Aston V8 ( and 9..) are Cars that are constructed under the Era of Ford Ownership,
There are a lot of Information of common Bits and Pieces that could be bought from
a Ford - Volvo - Jaguar Dealership to a much lower Price... I have some of the things that could - ( Would??) interest Owners who actually care about if the pay 200, or 1500 for the same Part... Perhaps a special Thread would be useful????

Kindly Hans.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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