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Specing out an 09 Vantage

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Hello everyone,

I have decided to press the trigger and get an 09 AM V8 Vantage. I don't know much about these cars, except for the technical spec and the marketing materials... I would love to know if there is any option that is a must have. I'm currently considering sport package and the paddle / automatic tranny.


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So you've driven the Sport Shift already, right?
No. I was passenger in an 08 which had the automatic tranny. I'm also used to the 360 F1 paddle shifters. Is the AM automatic tranny problematic? Thanks?
Not problematic. Just be sure you drive it. I've never driven a Ferrari, but personally chose the standard in the AMV8. It was a bit to jerky for me.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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