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Squeaky brakes on Vantage

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Hi. I have a '07 Vantage V8. The handbrake pads were replaced about 6 months ago and started to squeak soon after. This gradually got worse, to the point of embarrassment when driving slowly in town! Dropped it off at Aston and they said they thought the cables to the brakes needed adjusting, so did so (at a cost) which seemed to solve it...temporarily. Now the old girl is back up to full volume of squeakage. I don't want to bring it back to Aston in case they charge me again. Couple of questions: anyone else had a similar problem/a way to fix it 'at home' and as my car is under warranty, should I be paying for this when Aston changed the pads do you think?

Thanks for any insight. David.
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Handbrake only or brakes in general?

A common cause of squealing brakes is lack of hard use, you can sometimes fix this by giving them some intensive (but safe) hard use, give it a try and see.
Thanks Astonnut. It's just the handbrake. I can tell cos when driving slowly and gently applying the handbrake, the squeaking stops.

I tried the "intensive" treatment when I went on a track day to Le Mans. Didn't make any difference. I have now booked it in to Aston to take a look. Let's see what they can find.

It seems to be a pretty common issue with that age of Vantage. I hired one a few years ago to go to the Belgium GP and had the same squeaky break syndrome! :(
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