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I own a 2008 Vantage V8 with approx. 15,000 miles.
Have only owned her for about 6 months.
Recently completed a 40,000 mile service with few issues.
Have no previous experience with Astons.
Never imagined I would be in a position to buy one, albeit an older baby Aston !!!

Anyway ..... 10 days ago I took my baby on a 200 mile road trip
P parked up in my garage after returning home.
Go to take her out Friday and she won't start !!!
When I press the start engine button there is a rapid ticking like sound and the driving lights all flicker on and off in synchro to the ticking sound.
I don't think it is the starter motor trying to engage ... but it might be
Any thoughts or advice for me
(keep it clean and friendly please)
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