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Hi All. Here's the CCTV footage of my BMW 1M stolen without any keys in 3 minutes! I know this isn't a BMW forum, but this is interesting for anyone with a high end car attractive to thieves or indeed anyone with this type of key.

This is my £43,000 BMW 1M Stolen at 3 am in under 3 minutes. They accessed the car's OBD port in the footwell by breaking the glass, reaching in and using a device to reprogram a blank key fob. The car was simply then unlocked and pushed off the drive and driven away. No Alarm went off, and later found out there is a 'void' that runs along the inside of the door, so if you keep your arm close in to the door, the alarm will not activate. Just enough room to get your arm down to the OBD port where you can re-program a blank key if you have the correct device (which you can buy in the internet!)

BMW don't seem to want to admit they have a problem on their cars. It affects all BMW’s with the electronic fob from 2006-2011. They are still producing cars with the OBD port located in the footwell in the same location, and I assume the same problem with the alarm. Over 300 cars were stolen in March 2012 in the West Midlands alone and apparently the Police told me in one night £250,000 worth of cars were stolen in the region.

So really just to warn you all of the issue and let you know about the new way cars are being stolen (specifically those people who own cars with reprogrammable keys) Oh and don’t buy a BMW because they haven’t fixed the problem with their new cars! Enjoy.
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