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Hi everyone,

This is my first time on these forums, so please excuse any rookie behavior.

My name is Ali Afshar and I'm the president and founder of Easy Street Motorsports (aka ESX).

ESX has created a supercharged and intercooled Aston Martin, that we refer to as the "ESX Super Vantage" with approximately 545 Engine Horsepower and 473 dyno proven Horsepower at the wheels.

ESX has been around the performance and racing scene in California for both track and street cars since the late 1980's. We have been the official Subaru of America racing team from 2001 thru 2007. We have build special edition cars called ESX/STI's via Subaru dealerships in the United States for years and recently announced our ESX/EVO X. We have numerous National Championships in Drag, Road and Rally racing here in the States. This year we have expanded our line up to include Aston Martin as well as the Mitsubishi EVO X. It's an odd mix, I know, but these are all cars I personally own and love. I also own a Ferrari red Aston Martin DB9 Volante.

Please feel free to visit for more information about our company.
Or visit and search for the "easystreetsti" channel and watch some video's of our cars and such.

The ESX Super Vantage is available as a complete vehicle and as a direct bolt on kit for enthusiasts whom already own a Vantage.

ESX prides itself on building true "Street" cars. Cars you can enjoy with tremendous performance yet be safe and durable. The car currently has been tested with over 3500 miles on it from street and dyno's.

My personal email is [email protected]
Please feel free to email me any questions. Also, if you want to be on our email list. We usually offer contests for drivers, give away cars, etc.

Thanks again and I look forward to speaking with some of you shortly!

Below is the pre release of our ESX Super Vantage, the Dyno sheet with before and after figures.

I will also post the link for our past ESX Aston Martin Track day complete with pictures.


Ali Afshar
ESX Super Vantage

A gentlemen sports car with a dark side....

Introducing the new 545 Horsepower "ESX Super Vantage"

Accentuating an already dynamic vehicle, ESX takes the Vantage and adds a heaping portion of ground pounding power.

Each "ESX Super Vantage" is hand customized, numbered and certified with a Supercharged & Intercooled system pumping an additional 165 horsepower into the heart of the V8 Vantage.


*Supercharger - belt driven & internally oiled
*Charge Cooler - Air to Water intercooler with stand alone heat exchanger
*Raises wheel horsepower & torque from 308/242 to 473/342

-Performance exhaust system
-ESX Boost Gauge with Carbon Fiber mounting cup
-ESX racing striping

Brought to you by Easy Street Motorsports......Street Redefined...
Please contact [email protected] for further details and reservations.

Easy Street Motorsports, Inc.
24907 Avenue Tibbitts, #B, Valencia, CA 91355
661.257.7572 phone
661.257.7573 fax


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