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The next generation

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When will the next models of Aston Martin come out (The models past 09')??
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I'm new to this forum and also would like to know about Aston Martin's plans for their future models. In fact I'm presently doing some research, as part of an MA, on the pros and cons of Aston Martin (and other super cars) producing 'greener' cars in the future ie hybrid, hydrogen, proton fuel cell models in the future (apologies, as I'm still in the very early stages of investigating this subject area so not really familiar with all the technical terms of the alternatives that are out there as yet). I'm in the process of putting together a self completion questionnaire and wondered if anyone on the forum would like to take part? The questionnaire will essentially be based around an owners perspective of the types of constraints/difficulties you anticipate will be encountered by using alternative fuel design engineering for high performance cars like Ferrari ie will compromises need to be made with performance, aesthetics etc?

I really appreciate your help if you can assist me with this project as I need to complete this before Sept this year.

Many thanks

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I am also interested in green cars and would appreciate any up-to-date information.
Green supercars

Hi Bev

That's great news. As I mentioned before I am in the middle of doing a dissertation about this and basing this on the perceptions of fans, owners and specialist dealers what they think about lambo, ferrari and Auston Martin producing a 'greener' car. Basically I'm trying to find out whether people think they should do this or stay with a combustion engine type design. Let me know if you would like me to send across the questionnaire.

Let me know in the meantime what aspect of 'greener' super cars you are interested to know more about.

All the best

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