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Hello Everyone,

Tank you for giving me the honor to join this group.

Now what i am going to say might sound silly but here's what i am thinking.

I wanted to buy a Lamborghini Murcielago, i love the car, however as years fly by i much prefer the Aventador and at the momment it's still hugely expensive even used.

So my next favorite car is Aston Martin DBS, i love the car.

However i see that many are Manual Gearbox and that looks like a bit strange to me considering the competitors are are Automatic Transmission like Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc...

Why is that? Isn't Automatic GearBox reliable at Aston Martin?

What are the common problems of the DBS?

I am thinking on getting one up to 20.000Kms maximum...with full service history.

Tank you all
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