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tire pressure sensor advice please

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2008 Vantage.
I need new sensors at the wheels. Are there any after market with proven quality or must I go directly to Aston for replacements?

Thanks folks!
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Note - if you want to clone the sensors with a system like Autel they need to be still working or you have to be able to read off the ID from the sensor inside the tire. I plan to read out my sensors soon just so I have the data when I need to replace them.
Guys, I want to thank all of you for your great advice. Scuderiacarparts seems to be quite a helpful place with fair prices.
There was mention of a harness that negates the TP system. Where can this be acquired? That sounds like the most practical way to go.
Thanks again... I am obliged to all.
tire pressure sensor advice

I want to thank all of you gentleman once more. THANK YOU!

I've now installed the RedPants "bypass" harness. Took about thirty seconds and did the trick.
I tend to check my tire pressure quite frequently so not having the instrument panel tell me the PSI is not a big deal.

Much obliged men!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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