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Tonneau Cover

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I just called Chiltern Aston in the UK and one of these start at 1000 quid...after VAT and conversion to $ Its looking like $1600. Is there anyone in the tri-state (NY,NJ,CT) who may be able to lend me his cover for the pattern? I have a master leather working guy who just reupholstered my 308 and I know could do this for a fraction of the cost...quite frankly connolly leather is nice but I don't really need it....I'm in Soho but would gladly travel.


[email protected]
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Scott, did you ever get this done? I am also looking for one and would be glad to pay your guy for an aftermarket cover. Dean
Tonneau cover 2009 DB9

Scott, I'm in need of one too. I'm in Queens and will help you source a sample cover. Did you ever get this done ? Dan
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