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Torpedo Run 2005 - Pictures

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This year’s Torpedo Run was truly a mad time. The participants from all over Europe seemed to have an amazing and unforgettable experience.

You can see some photos of this year’s Torpedo Run at

The detailed story of a participant at

Speed Heads

The Belgian team of produces a DVD about the Torpedo Run. I will tell you when the DVD will be released.

Next year the Torpedo Run organisers plan to rent a high speed oval with banked curves up to 49.7 degress. That track is usually not opened for public. There you will have the chance to feel the contact pressure in the curves while driving fast. An adrenaline rush is guaranteed! Whoever has the determination for one exciting adventure, should enter the Torpedo Run in 2006. Entries will be accepted soon.
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This is a rally that I have never heard of before. I will have to check out the site you linked to. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Best Regards,

Thomas Carey
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