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I have only owned my 2010 Rapide for 6 weeks and I am in love with everything about it except for the technology. However, I have installed a very simple upgrade that adds Bluetooth audio, Spotify streaming and…Alexa - enabling hands free/voice control of music tracks or radio station selection.

Total cost? £35

I bought a 4G portable wifi hotspot and reused an old Amazon Echo Dot. I set up the Wi-fi with the ID Aston Martin, and set up the Echo Dot to use that Wi-fi. I then plugged both units into the auxiliary power socket in the centre console cubby, and finally connected a 3.5mm audio cable between the Echo Dot and the Aux socket of the car.

And Voila! 2020 tech in a 2010 car, with Wi-fi for everyone else thrown in. Super easy fix that only takes 10 minutes. And the sound is amazing through the B&O speakers.
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