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Hello to everyone!
Quick background to my problem.
Car had light road accident and the radiator for the transmision oil was broken and the whole transmision oil came out from the car.
I repaired the radiator and added 4,17 liters of Dexron III to the transmision.
After I did that the car was able to switch in ASM mode but not in manual mode / before I added the oil - it was not able to switch in gear at all/, this is the code I am getting :
P0815 Switch for manual upshifts.
I have removed the switch and measured the whole thing and compared the resistance to the wiring diagram I have - its fine.
I have cheched the wiring to the TCU - its fine.
The code appears when you switch the ignition of the car , not even when you start the car so I assume its not a mechanical problem but rather electrical.
I am wondering what is causing all this troubles, could be some kind of bleeding procedure or service reset procedure?
Can anyone help or experienced similar type of problem?
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