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V12 Zagato

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Very cool artcle from Aston Martin

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V12 Zagato

The stunning new V12 Zagato is starting production, after its launch at Villa d’Este in May, where it won the Concorso D’Eleganza award.

Two development prototypes (DPs), pictured here in Toro Red and Silver Spark, were a triumph of team effort, involving several areas of Manufacturing, Engineering and Quality. Each chassis was painted by the Special Paint Colour Team.

DP1 – the first customer car, due to be delivered this coming summer – went on the Vantage trim and final line. It was 80 per cent built by the Manufacturing team before heading off-line to the One-77 build area, where the unique Zagato components were added by the One-77 Tech Team.

Both cars are on track for unveiling by Sales and Marketing to customers and the media in early 2012.

“The V12 Zagato is a fantastic new body shape on a well-proven chassis,” said Chris Porritt, Programme Chief Engineer. “It’s a very short programme, which means it has to be a tight and close-knit team to deliver the programme in the timescale.”

The V12 Zagato completed the gruelling Nurburgring 24-hour race earlier this year, and has drawn crowds at events and shows all over the world, including Pebble Beach, the Dubai motor show, and the Guangzhou motor show.

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