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Hello all

I am new here and hope some can help me.

I am seeking a new car, and my dream is a 2007/2008 model V8 Coupe.

But, how is the quality onn the Aston Martins now? Some say they are good, and some say they are very bad.
How is the #baby# Aston? I think it is just a superb looking car.

I ha one for a test drive last week, and it was great. Made me smile for 2 days:) The sound was just, WOW.

When looking for one, is there some things I need to keep in mind?

The Car will be used as a GT, and what a GT. I belive that was the idea also of it, a "small" GT, good comfort, space and great funn to drive.

Have a good day all
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