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V8 Vantage Power Upgrade

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I just purchased a 2008 Vantage and my dealer is telling me the factory power upgrade + Quicksilver exhaust will get me close to 420bhp. The factory promises 20bhp but I can't find anything on hp increases due to switching to Quicksilver exhaust. anyone have any experience?
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If you contact Quicksilver they should be able to give you an estimate on the additional hp you'll pick up.
To get the best power increase from your factory power upgrade you really need to change the cats and the exhaust as the OE 600 cell cats are very restrictive. This combination can be very loud but it doesn't have to be, we offer cat and exhausts designed to be used together to give the best power gains and not be too loud. Unless you want really loud and we can make you a louder version of our exhaust.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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