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Vanquish or Continental GT

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Looking at prices, for about the same amount you can pick up either a 02-04 Vanquish or a 04-06 Bentley Continental GT. Which would make the better daily driver ? Maintenance costs ? Major issues to look for when buying ?
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Tuff questions, similar cars yet different cars too. The Vanquish is going to fell a bit more sporty. The Continental GT is going to pull without a problem but will ride a bit softer. I have driven both and would pick the Aston Martin based on its design, and the exhaust note isn't as tame.

Both are great cars. Drive them and then decide which is right for you.
For a "daily driver" the Bentley will probably win in maintenance cost. You'll quickly recognize several parts out of the VW parts bin.
Would have to be the Vanquish. It is just achingly beautiful.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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