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Vantage convertible

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I just purchased a '08 Vantage convertible and had a few questions:
1.My car does not have a wind deflector, any thoughts as to the effectiveness of the wind deflector? Any ideas on where I could find a used one?
2. Does anyone have the Quicksilver exhaust system and would you reccomend it? I was quoted $3,000 to have a dealer install it- is that a good price and is it worth it?
3. Any suggestions or quirks on the car would be welcome.
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I just sold my Vantage roadster with windshield and quicksilver. I loved both. the quicksilver is good for 8-10 hp and had great sound at idle through redline. The wind deflector is nice for long drives especially if you have a passenger that you want to talk to. I like the feel of the wind and I had the 700 watt stereo which overcame most sound. Try ebay or call around to dealers that may have one in stock and looking to move it at a discount. 3000 installed is a good price for the exhaust. Good luck.
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