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The Vanquish interior leaves a lot to be desired from a car of that caliber. I worked at Ford Motor Company at the time it was being developed and spent time in one of the development mules. While Ford did the best it could and took Aston forward, at the time, it simply didn't know how to create a true luxury car.

The dash buttons are inexpensive plastic and they creak when you press them. The key fob is from a Focus, which is a lame, black, functional, cheap looking fob. The car certainly has power and the exhaust bypass valves are incredible. I'm not saying it is all bad news, just that the Vantage is dead on perfect. Ford learned quickly how to create perfection and the Vanquish was part of the learning curve.

I'd say go with the Vantage, unless you really need the V12 engine.
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