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Hi, dear Aston fellow fanatics :)

About two weeks ago I was the lucky winner of a brand new AM Vantage V8. It took me four painfull months and some considerable capital, however am pleased to see that it all materialised. On top of the vehicle i was given 10K in cash.

The dilemma i have is that the basic specs that am allowed to take only include manual transmission. Not only that, i will need to wait some 4-5 months before i could actually see my vehicle.

The dealer is well aware that i have won 10K and been trying hard to convince me to spend 11000GBP to go for auto transmission. And the vehicle can actually be mine within two weeks…

I have of course called other dealers but because by lottery contract am numbered with the one in Mayfair…and they just do not want to cooperate.

Why am writing all this…I have been advised that should i go for automatic transmission i would stand much better chance to sell the vehicle once ready. I wonder that if we have AM owners on here, what transmission would you prefer: manual or auto and why?

I was also told that if I wait for four months the actual on the road price would decrease…not sure why but two garages said that.

I do find it hard to belive that if opted for sportsshift transmission it would cost 11.000GBP…

Any advice/information would be highly appreciated as am very new to this aristocratic game of performance motors…


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