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I bought a 2007 Vantage V8 manual and I absolutely love it !! :)

I got the car early on this year with a full Aston Martin Lagonda (SEA) service history and had 35,000km on the clock. I noticed that the car was a bit low but figured it might just be the way the Vantage is. When I took it to Aston Martin Lagonda (SEA) for the yearly service, they told me that I had H&R sport springs installed!

What amazed me was the way the car rides with the sport springs. The lowered ride was smooth compared to other sport models like the 911 (997), Masserati Quattroporte (KWv3 coil overs) & Gallardo. I didn't even know that sport springs were installed. The ride is hard but not harsh and AM didn't tell me I had sport springs installed, I'd never would have guessed it.

Recently, I replaced the H&R springs with the originals because my new home has a killer ramp that just wouldn't let me go up or down without scraping different bottom parts of the car. Ride height is up and it doesn't look as good :( but at lease I don't hit the bottom anymore. There is more comfort when I go over speed bumps but otherwise comfort difference between stock and H&R is minimal. Now I have a set of H&R's sitting in the corner just tempting me to get them reinstalled.
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