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Virage or DB7 ??

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Which is the better car, the Virage or the DB7? My not terribly knowledgable view is the DB7 is a reskinned Jaguar XJ and the Virage has more pure Aston DNA under the metal. That having been said, is the Virage reliable or are you better off going further back in the line to a V8 ???

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Yes the Virage is more pure DNA and a rare car at that (only 448 built I believe). You can get one for the low $50,000s

I had the pleasure of driving one about 2 years ago. My impressions were:

1. Heavy and big
2. Not too sluggish with the V12
3. A great touring car for the highway but not a great car for fast turning
4. Comfortable interior espcially for taller people as it was very roomy inside
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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